Exclusive Mortgage Lead Info Guide

Before understanding all about exclusive mortgage leads we will first try to define mortgage leads and then we will proceed further. This article will provide you with all the basics that you need to know about exclusive mortgage leads with its advantages and will help you identify the differences between exclusive mortgage leads and Non-exclusive mortgage leads.

Mortgage is generally defined as a method of using property as security for the payment of a debt. Many mortgage lead generators are available in the market either online or offline to help mortgage consumers to pay their debt. So, the mortgage consumer will browse through the net for internet mortgage lead generators using search engines. By filling up a normal mortgage form, the mortgage consumer’s details will be passed on to the mortgage lenders who are willing to lend loans. The mortgage lenders will then sort those leads and get in touch with the mortgage consumers for loans. Among the various mortgage lead generators available nowadays finding the right place really would be tiring. But it is advisable to go through many companies offering mortgage leads and then settle on one reputed mortgage lead generator and mortgage lender.

The true definition of exclusive mortgage leads is defined as the leads that are only sold once to a mortgage lender. When mortgage consumers buy mortgage leads on exclusive basis, the same leads will not be sold to any other mortgage lead generators or mortgage lenders. A great writer once said “East or West, home is the best”. It is human nature that all of us would like to own a beautiful home. For some it’s easy but to most others it may seem to be the ripe grapes. Hence the prime motive of these mortgage lead companies is that, they will help those disabled to fulfill their dream.

In common, when a prospective homeowner approaches a mortgage lender for a mortgage loan, she will be asked to fill up a ‘Form of request’ for the loan, Known as the ‘Mortgage lead’. After carefully assessing the application and if it qualifies, the mortgage lender approves the loan. Since this is time consuming, people seek the help of mortgage lead generators to develop the lead and submit it to the mortgage lender. Hence in this way, the process of mortgage lead generator to send the mortgage lead form signed by the mortgage consumer to only one appropriate mortgage lender for mortgage loan is called as Exclusive mortgage leads.

Let us now look at some differences between exclusive mortgage leads and non-exclusive mortgage leads. Based on the advantages and disadvantages of exclusive mortgage leads, the following points are some benefits and main differences from that of non-exclusive mortgage leads.

  • The benefit of exclusive mortgage leads is that the mortgage consumer will face only less competition making the close rates higher than other leads. But in non-exclusive mortgage leads the competition is higher.
  • The data is shared only with one mortgage lender and hence the mortgage consumer has no choice to select some other mortgage lender if it’s an exclusive mortgage lead program. Coming to Non-exclusive mortgage leads the mortgage consumer’s details are shared with many mortgage lenders so that the consumers will have more options to choose from.
  • Non-exclusive mortgage leads are less expensive than exclusive mortgage leads but the confidentiality ratio is high in exclusive mortgage leads than non-exclusive mortgage lead. Hence to conclude if the mortgage consumer has a good credit profile, the chances of his or her dream home coming true are greater. Exclusive mortgage leads are a gateway through which mortgage lead generators and mortgage lenders build their business and reputation.